Pool Fence Installations in Toronto, Ontario, CA

Life Saver Pool Fence of Toronto is family owned and operated. We specialized in custom child safety pool fences and we only use the industry’s leading Safety Fences, Self-Closing Pool Gates and Pool Alarms.

Staying up to date on the strongest and safest technology, we provide our customers with the #1 removable mesh pool fence in Toronto, CA.

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Your Family’s Safety Is Our Top Priority

“As the owner & installer of Life Saver Pool Fence Ontario, I have learned from my customers that child supervision is not always the safest drowning prevention measure. All it takes is your attention to wonder for a few seconds or accidentally leave a back door or gate open. No matter how loving, caring, intelligent, or organized we think we may be, it is so easy to let our minds wonder for just one second with all the distractions in today’s world.” – Jason D, Owner

As the premier pool safety fence installers in Toronto and in other areas in Ontario, CA we strive on educating our customers on swimming pool safety.

Drowning is still the 3rd leading cause of accidental death among children ages 5 and under (Check Statistics). Since the late 1990’s, drowning rates have decreased nearly 40% due to prevention measures (BMC Public Health, 2016). In 70% of the child drowning occurring in residential pools, the pool is not properly fenced in.

Having an accident prevention plan can save lives. Life Saver Pool Fence of Toronto recommends the following:

1) Install Safety Pool Fences, Covers, Alarms

2) Child Supervision

3) Enforce “Pool Rules” with your family and friends

4) Hire Lifeguards when throwing parties

5) Educate yourself and family members on life saving techniques such as CPR.

6) Keep the area around your pool and hot tub clear and organized at all times.

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Life Saver Pool Fence of Toronto CA


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    We tailor our estimates based on our customers’ needs. After all safety measures are covered and put into place, we design the layout of the fence.

    1) The mesh fence should be installed at least 3 feet away from the pools edge.

    2) All gates will open out. We recommend installing a self-closing, self-locking pool gate.

    3) The fence’s height is a minimum of 4 feet including areas where obstacles such as rocks, planters, chairs could be used to as steps to climb over fence.

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    “What I love most about my job is the customers I meet. All the families I meet are simply caring, they are looking to protect the ones they love!!” – Jason D, Owner